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'When I Left'

by Jon Richardson

In the fall of 2017 I left Boston, my home of seven years, and I moved to Cape Cod. That winter, there were some hugely destructive storms that hit the Cape, and it was during this turbulent first winter that I wrote most of the songs that became ‘When I Left.’

Some of these songs took months to write, and some I wrote in an afternoon. All together, I think, they tell a story of uncertainty and resilience: two qualities that haven’t really left me alone since I left Boston.

Now I’m in the middle of my second winter on the Cape, and these songs seem like they’re ready to hatch. For months I drove back and forth to Boston from Provincetown to a studio called The Bridge Sound and Stage in Cambridge. There, I worked closely with my co-producer and sound engineer, Alex Allinson. He was a trooper as we worked on these tracks— a process that took over 50 hours of (fairly tedious) in-studio work. Alex was also the sound engineer on my first record, ‘Tonic.’ The only performances you’re hearing on this album are my own.

The album art is by the brilliant Ian Farnam.

The photograph was taken by a talented photographer named Dan Fasman at Herring Cove in Provincetown.

It’s dedicated to my Mom and Dad.


Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy it.

PS That sound you hear at the beginning and end of the record is from a storm that hit Provincetown and the dinging is a wind chime right outside my studio in the West End.